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Dr. Jay de Soca Prince Endorses the 2017 Toronto Carnival Run

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Dr. Jay de Soca Prince joins us for the 2017 Toronto Carnival Run on Saturday July 22, 2017, gives support to the Toronto Carnival Run to raise money for The Simunye Foundation.


When it comes to Canada’s Caribbean music scene, Dr. Jay is considered Soca royalty. With his vast musical talents and ongoing recognition for his experience in building Soca’s nightlife culture over the past 25 years of his career, ‘De Soca Prince’ is undisputed as the nation’s #1 Soca DJ.

He joins us this year as one of our Run Ambassadors of the 2nd annual Toronto Carnival Run. By doing so, Dr. Jay demonstrates the importance of leading by example and making health and physical activity a priority for the improvement of quality of life.

This event is in support of The Simunye Foundation - a non profit organization committed to unite, empower and enlighten the African and Caribbean community toward positive lifestyle changes through individual health and wellness promotion, career and business development, and arts and cultural support.


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