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Marcia Young Endorses the 2018 Toronto Carnival Run

Broadcast Journalist, Marcia Young, joins us for the 3rd Annual Toronto Carnival Run on Saturday July 28, 2018, and gives support to the Toronto Carnival Run to raise money for The Simunye Foundation.


Marcia Young hosts World Report on CBC Radio, and can sometimes be seen on the Breaking News Desk on CBC News network.

Young cares about getting listeners the news they want to hear and the tough news they need to hear. She brings compassion and patience to every story she tells. From New York state to Illinois, Young has told stories of regular everyday people trying to overcome real life difficulties. She has shared her knowledge and experience in telling stories by teaching post graduate students.

Young is committed to supporting diverse groups in the community that work for change and encourage hope. Young has spent most of her career as a journalist working for CBC. She has lived in Saskatchewan, has experienced the wonder of the east coast in Prince Edward Island and is now based in Toronto.

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